July 30, 2014
11:08 am

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Jerry Elliott

Name:  Jerry Elliott   

Been with QFM96 since: August of '90

Birth date: 11/2/1960

Birth place:  Livonia, Michigan

Bucket List:  Vist Fenway Park, play Pebble Beach House, & get Toupe'.

Pets:  Dog(Sawyer), Cat (Phoebe)

What drives me wild:  My Wife, cooking bacon.

I may look innocent but:  Last night I drank two Zimas & stayed up until 11:00p.m.

John McCain & Elliott


Thanks for helping our Men & Women in service to this great country. 

Items in need currently in Afghanistan:
Baby Toweletts, Chewable Vitamin C, Hand Sanitizers, Tabasco, Cookies, Cheap Sunglasses, AA Batteries, Gum, Mints, Jerky, Power Bars, Toothbrushes, Powdered Drink Packets, Sunscreen, & of course LETTERS & PHOTOS!  My son Nick will distribute all items among his Batallion... A full list of items can be found at www.thecarepackageproject.com.

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