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The Torg and Elliott Show


Monday 5/20

by Dan Orr posted May 20 2013 12:23PM
Day One of The Torg and Elliott Show rocked! We shared an awkward conversation with Teen Mom/Porn Star Farrah Abraham (now on podcast), chatted with ABC6'S Clay Matthews, and learned that Torg has a numb weiner. Join us tomorrow for Aaron Portzline, tickets to the QFM96 Budweiser Wing Zing featuring Cheap Trick, Queensryche tickets, and another shot at your Free Ride from Joe Carson Honda Harley Davidson
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05/20/2013 12:27PM
Monday 5/20
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05/20/2013 2:05PM
Very sad to hear that the Torg is back. Bruce Hooley gets band from CBUS airwaves for criticizing OSU. Torg wishes someone dead he is welcomed back. Both sad and pathetic. I will tune back to the morning show once he is gone or Hooley back on the airwaves in cbus
05/20/2013 6:33PM
Its actually spelled banned, moron. At least try and sound intelligent when trying to insult Torg. He is back and better than ever!!!!
05/20/2013 7:46PM
what happened to arch
05/20/2013 11:12PM
I missed you torg
great to hear you back on the air!
05/21/2013 8:15AM
New Guy
I feel like Torg doesn't know the audiance. He was stating that the audiance wouldn't know about the Korean war. He does know he is working at a Classic rock station right?
05/21/2013 9:10AM
Listening to your show from NH, love music this morning! Good for an 'old lady's' ears. You are great, Scott.
05/21/2013 2:34PM
New guy
I've been a loyal fan of Qfm for years, but must have been absent the day when Arch left. What happened and who is this Torg guy?
05/22/2013 12:18AM
you da man Torg. great to see you back on the radio!!!!
05/22/2013 8:55AM
Torg & Arch
Torg is the guy that got fired from The Fan. Arch moved over to the sister station, 95.5 The Game.
05/23/2013 7:40AM
I have been a loyal listener and fan of QFM and especially the morning show for 35 years. Torg is going to take some getting used to. I'll hold off a while before forming an opinion.
05/31/2013 12:44AM
Lobbing Time Fan
Bring back Pat Still and Mark Wagner
11/19/2014 9:37PM
pat still
Whatever happened to him? Did he go to jail?
11/19/2014 9:40PM
torg and elliott morning show 11/19/14
They played a clip of a song of a woman screaming like a chicken. So bad it was hilarious. What is the name of that song and who was the "artist"? It was aired about 6:40 am on 11/19/14.
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