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by Dan Orr posted Jan 31 2013 11:38AM
ACTOR/COMEDIAN HARLAND WILLIAMS rang the celebrity hotline to tell us about his groundbreaking new stand up DVD, "Force of Nature," on which he performs stand up comedy alone in a desert......ANGELA PACE from 10TV checked in as well, looking for local citizens who deserve to be commended for their kind acts. If you'd like to nominate someone for The Jefferson Award, go to www.10tv.com and click the Jefferson Awards icon......Thanks to Tom from THE GARDEN for stopping in to talk SEXAPALOOZA and congrats to all our ticket winners this morning. Tomorrow it's our second edition of FRIDAY MORNING LIVE with a studio audience and live music from TERRY DAVIDSON, and we'll still have tickets for THE WHO, SEXPALOOZA, and THE EASYRIDERS SHOW up for grabs, along with STATS.COM'S SAMMY LUBECK'S SUPER BOWL PREDICTION.
by Dan Orr posted Jan 30 2013 11:35AM
Having a guy like TONY DUNGY on the show reminds us of what classless lowlifes the rest of us are. Ok, that's a bit strong, but he DOES stand out, let's face it, and we we thrilled to have the Super Bowl Champion coach on with us this morning to get his prediction for Sunday (Baltimore) and to talk about the new children's book he and his wife have just released, "JUSTIN AND THE BULLY.'' Thanks also to THE CAPTAIN, RICK SMITH for breaking down the Buckeyes' win over Wisconsin last night. Tomorrow we'll have the folks from the adult store THE GARDEN in to share some, um, goodies and talk about this weekend's SEXAPALOOZA event. On a completely different note, 10TV'S ANGELA PACE will also be in to encourage nominations for the 2013 JEFFERSON AWARDS. And, we'll have more WHO TICKETS when we give out a random date that may be your birthday so that you can come to our 36TH BIRTHDAY BASH featuring the legendary band. We'll also get more of our listener's porn names when we give out the Sexapalooza tickets, and we'll have EASYRIDERS SHOW passes as well. Actor/comedian HARLAND WILLIAMS will be checking in with us, and we'll kickoff THE GRIDIRON OF ROCK at 9:00am!
by Dan Orr posted Jan 29 2013 11:21AM
Thanks to JENI from JENI'S ICE CREAM for joining us today. It was quite a treat! Get it? A treat, just like what ice cream is........ Yeah, anyway...........If you enjoyed our hidden microphone version of the Barack/Hillary interview, you can hear it again on the podcast, along with some other doozy moments from this morning's show. We got a WHO winner with our random birthday, and hopefully we'll keep the streak alive tomorrow morning and perhaps call YOUR birthday so that you can come to our QFM96 BIRTHDAY BASH featuring the legendary rockers. We'll also have more Easy Rider tickets, and have you give us your porn name when you win Sexapalooza tickets....BTW- those Easy Riders passes also get you registration for the grand prize, VIP passes to meet Opie from Sons of Anarchy!......We'll also talk with NFL Super Bowl winning coach TONY DUNGY to get his pick on Sunday's big game, and chat OSU hoops with The Captain, RICK SMITH! And, wait--isn't tomorrow Wednesday? That means THE LAST WORD WITH DADDY WAGS!
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by Dan Orr posted Jan 28 2013 10:49AM
Congrats to PAUL HAMMOND who was lucky to have today's random birthdate and won tickets to see THE WHO for our QFM96 36TH BIRTHDAY PARTY! We'll announce another date tomorrow, as well as get your porn name for Sexapalooza tickets, give out Easy Rider Show passes, and feature guests ADAM RICHMAN from MAN VS. FOOD talking Super Bowl tailgating and welcome JENI from JENI'S ICE CREAM to our studios!
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by Dan Orr posted Jan 25 2013 11:43AM
Our first ever FRIDAY MORNING LIVE was a huge success, thanks to our winners in the studio audience, Nelson's Catering and Block's Bagels, and musical guests John Schwab and Kevin Reed of McGuffey Lane! If you want to be a part of a future Friday Morning Live studio audience, go to QFM96.COM and register! Monday we'll have more Who and Sexapalooza tickets, and passes to the Easy Riders Show as well!  We'll also check in with Columbus Dispatch Editor Ben Marrison as Monday is the launch of the new look Dispatch.
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by Dan Orr posted Jan 23 2013 10:58AM
Been a while since we had a transvestite in the studio, but today DIAMOND joined us from SEXAPALOOZA, happening Feb 1-3 at Vets Memorial. Today's Sexapalooza ticket winner was Charlie, whose porn name is "Rusty West". We'll get another name tomorrow, and give out another random date. If that date happens to be your birthday, you'll win tickets to see THE WHO for our QFM96 36th BIRTHDAY BASH.....We'll also talk CBJ with the Dispatch's AARON PORTZLINE
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by Dan Orr posted Jan 22 2013 10:11AM
The hilarious JEFF ROSS called us this morning. Check out tonight's showing of THE BURN on Comedy Central at 10:30....Big congrats to KEVIN FINNEGAN for being born on today's random birth date-- August 3rd, 1965-- Kevin heard the date announced and is now going to see THE WHO at our QFM96 36TH BIRTHDAY BASH on Feb 17 at The Schott! Be listening tomorrow in case we announce YOUR birth date.......We'll have more SEXAPALOOZA passes as well when we learn your ''porn name'' and talk to Sexapalooza emcee DIAMOND
by Dan Orr posted Jan 21 2013 11:40AM
Today's Sexapalooza winner was Loretta Carter, whose "porn name'' is BUBBLES OHIO....To find your porn name, take the name of your childhood pet for the first name, and the street on which you grew up as the last name. Be our 9th caller tomorrow and share YOUR porn name and win the 4 pack of passes!.....Also, we'll give out another random date during the show. If that date is your birthday, be the first to let us know and you'll be going to see THE WHO for our 36th Birthday Bash Feb 17 at the Schottenstein Center! Comedian Maz Jobrani will check in with us as well.
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by Dan Orr posted Jan 17 2013 12:31PM
Wow, the MANTI TE'O story was the buzz all morning. Thanks to our man John in South Bend for sharing the thoughts of the Notre Dame faithful with us. Thanks also to Blue Jackets President of Hockey Operations JOHN DAVIDSON for being on. Jackets' Opening Night is Monday at Nationwide Arena, and we'll have tickets EVERY HOUR that day! Tomorrow we'll talk to the producers of AMERICA'S GOT TALENT about their Columbus auditions this weekend, and we'll to comedian BRODY STEVENS as well. Another shot also for you to win tickets to THE WHO, WISH YOU WERE HERE, SCOTTY BRATCHER and MARC MARON, too!
by Dan Orr posted Jan 15 2013 10:04AM
This morning SAM LUBECK OF STATS.COM said the Patriots and SF will be this weekend's winners....Tomorrow RAYMOND THE AMISH COMIC will call and give his take on the hit TV series AMISH MAFIA, and local entrepreneuer CAMERON MITCHELL will visitus in studio in the 8:00 hour.....WAGS will check in with THE LAST WORD and we'll have your tickets for THE WHO, WISH YOU WERE HERE, SCOTTY BRATCHER AND MARC MARON
by Dan Orr posted Jan 14 2013 10:05AM
Thanks to the legendary PETE ROSE for being on today's show. Check out his new reality show, "HITS AND MRS", on TLC Sundays at 10pm, and check out our podcast if you missed our interview with him.....Thanks also to the semi legendary RICK SMITH for joining us to talk Buckeye Basketball. Tomorrow it's more WHO TICKETS for our QFM96 BIRTHDAY BASH and we'll have the ARCH AND ELLIOTT  TICKET LOOT with your chance to snag tickets to WISH YOU WERE HERE, SCOTTY BRATCHER, or COMEDIAN MARC MARON!
by Dan Orr posted Jan 11 2013 10:43AM
ANTHONY JESELNIK is one of the sharpest comedic minds today and we had him on the show today to tell us that his special, CALIGULA, is on Comedy Central Sunday night at 10, and also brad that Amy Schumer is his girlfriend. Good for him! Check out the interview on the podcast. Other podcasts from today's show include the kinky priest, a snake on a plane, and Archie's flu shot. Thanks to Jose Rodriquez and Nurse Cheryl at COLUMBUS PUBLIC HEALTH for shooting Arch up and for spreading the word about the importance of getting your flu shot. Do it this weekend if you haven't done so already!....On Monday's show we'll talk with REDS LEGEND PETE ROSE and talk OSU hoops with RICK SMITH. More WHO tickets all next week, as well as WISH YOU WERE HERE, MARC MARON, and SCOTTY BRATCHER tickets!
by Dan Orr posted Jan 9 2013 1:28PM
Today's show featured "The Last Word" with DADDY WAGS and we spoke with former Buckeye Basketball captain RICK SMITH about the Bucks' victory over Purdue and the game ahead with Michigan....We gave away more WHO tickets for our QFM96 36TH BIRTHDAY BASH which we'll do again tomorrow, along with more WISH YOU WERE HERE tickets. HOWIE MANDEL will not touch anything, but he WILL talk to us at 8:45, and we'll also call Vegas and check with JIM BARRY OF THE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW.
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by Dan Orr posted Jan 7 2013 10:54AM
Lotta laughing on the show this morning when GILBERT GOTTFRIED checked in. He's on Celebrity Cook Off on the Food Network Sundays at 9pm, and you can hear his call with us on our podcast......THE DISPATCH'S AARON PORTZLINE joined us today to talk about the return of the NHL. As the start of the season finally begins in the next week or two, be listening for details on cool events we'll be having with our CBJ.....Tomorrow we'll have more WHO tickets so that you can join us for the QFM96 36TH BIRTHDAY BASH at The Schott on February 17th, and we'll talk with TIM MAY of The Dispatch about what happened in tonight's National Championship Game
by Arch and Elliott posted Jan 2 2013 10:11AM
This morning we announced the The Who's show at The Schott Feb 19 is now the QFM96 BIRTHDAY BASH which means we will have tons of chances for you to win tickets, starting with this morning when we played Name That Who Tune...be listening tomorrow when we play again, and also join us for guest Rick Smith's take on The Buckeyes starting the Big Ten season.
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