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by Dan Orr posted Feb 27 2013 10:22AM
Thanks to OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST KURT ANGLE for getting up early with us this morning!  Interested teens can go to to register for this weekend at the Arnold Fitness Expo. Thanks also to DADDY WAGS for contributing his weekly LAST WORD segment, and thanks to CHARLES LEDUFF for calling us. His book DETROIT: AN AMERICAN AUTOPSY is available now at Be listening tomorrow for your chance at tickets for JOE ROGAN, BRIT FLOYD, and THE BLUE JACKETS!
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by Dan Orr posted Feb 26 2013 11:22AM
If you're going to the Blue Jackets game tonight be sure to arrive early for the celebration of this morning's guest, GEORGE MATTHEWS, as he has announced over 1,000 games for the CBJ! Join us tomorrow for KURT ANGLE at 7:08 and more JOE ROGAN, BRIT FLOYD, and BLUE JACKETS TICKETS as well!
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by Dan Orr posted Feb 25 2013 10:49AM
Great calls on SHOUT IT OUT LOUD this morning, and congrats to all our winners. We'll do it again tomorrow with your tickets for the BLUE JACKETS, JOE ROGAN, and BRIT FLOYD. Speaking of the Jackets, radio play by play man GEORGE MATTHEWS will be in studio with us at 8:35!
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by Dan Orr posted Feb 22 2013 12:01PM
Another great FRIDAY MORNING LIVE show thanks to our studio audience and musical entertainment KNIGHTS MOUNTAIN! See the band tonight at Captain Jack's in Heath. Thanks also to AVERAGE JOE'S for feeding everyone, and we look forward to heading there for our ST PADDY'S DAY BREAKFAST CLUB ON 3/15!  Thanks to comedian SAM TRIPOLI for calling us- cool and funny dude- see him at Woodland's Tavern Saturday night! Back Monday with your tickets for THE BLUE JACKETS, JOE ROGAN, AND BRIT FLOYD!
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by Dan Orr posted Feb 21 2013 11:50AM
Thanks to our COLUMBUS GOLD DANCERS this morning for taking part in the 2ND ANNUAL ARCH AND ELLIOTT STRIPPER COMBINE! Watch it on our FB page and hear it on the podcast if you missed it.....Thanks also to THE CAPTAIN, RICK SMITH for his take on OSU's win over Minnesota last night, and we also heard from THE RAZZIE'S JOHN WILSON on the worst in cinema in the past year. The Razzie Awards will take place Saturday night, and look for BREAKING DAWN PT 2 to sweep.....Tomorrow it's FRIDAY MORNING LIVE with guests KNIGHT'S MOUNTAIN, NASCAR BUD, and comedian SAM TRIPOLI!
by Dan Orr posted Feb 20 2013 12:51PM
Thanks to the hilarious JOHN PINETTE for checking in with us this morning. See him at the Capital Theatre this Saturday night, and if you missed our conversation with him, find it on our podcast page. Tomorrow it's the SECOND ANNUAL ARCH AND ELLIOTT STRIPPER COMBINE FEATURING THE LADIES OF COLUMBUS GOLD, and we'll discuss THE WORST IN FILM FROM THE PAST YEAR with THE RAZZIES' JOHN WILSON!
by Dan Orr posted Feb 15 2013 11:30AM
An outstanding  FRIDAY MORNING LIVE today with our all female audience!! Thanks to HEATHER FROM CURV APPEAL for fitting all our guests with bras, and thanks to JEFF GAGE from the Funny Bone for the shirtless standup! Join us Monday when LEWIS BLACK will call in and we'll also have passes for you to go to the ARNOLD FITNESS EXPO!
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by Dan Orr posted Feb 13 2013 11:30AM
WILL KRISTIE KISS THIS GUY THURSDAY MORNING? Find out when we have JESSE HEINMAN of the famed GoDaddy.Com Super Bowl commercial on with us at 9:00am. We'll also have 2ND ROW WHO TICKETS and GEORGE CLINTON, BRIAN REGAN, and MARC MARON tickets up for grabs as well. In fact, we're hoping to hear from Marc himself at 8:35!
by Dan Orr posted Feb 11 2013 10:30AM
Thanks to THE CAPTAIN, RICK SMITH for being on the show to talk hoops and thanks to THE SONS OF MADNESS, Arch's twin 5 yr old boys, for giving us today's Who lyric which netted one of our listeners 5th row tickets today! Tomorrow it's 4th row, leading to FRONT ROW ON FRIDAY. Tomorrow we'll also MAKE YOU LAUGH WHEN YOU MAKE US LAUGH- tell us a good joke and we'll give you tickets to see two comedy shows- MARC MARON AND BRIAN REGAN. We'll also have more GEORGE CLINTON tickets and we'll SHOUT IT OUT LOUD in the 9:00 hour!
by Dan Orr posted Feb 8 2013 11:19AM
Another great FRIDAY MORNING LIVE broacast this morning! Thanks to CBJ DEFENDER JACK JOHNSON, MUSICIAN JASMINE CAIN, and FIGHTER DAN SPOHN for joining our live studio audience, and thanks to NELSON'S CATERING for feeding everyone. Wanna sit in on a future FRIDAY MORNING LIVE? Just register at! Monday we'll have 5TH ROW WHO TICKETS, as well as tickets to see GEORGE CLINTON, COMEDIANS BRIAN REGAN AND MARC MARON and we'll get one listener's DUMB ASS OUT OF THE DOGHOUSE!
by Dan Orr posted Feb 7 2013 11:26AM
Our first edition of SHOUT IT OUT LOUD (9:00 hour) was JAMMED with your phone calls voicing your opinion on which day we should have our ST. PADDY'S DAY BREAKFAST CLUB (FRI OR SUN?). Friday is the overwhelming favorite so far.....Thanks to SIR HENRY FROBISHER for checking in from jolly England and making very little sense while cracking us up.....Tomorrow it's FRIDAY MORNING LIVE as we host 10 more listeners in our studio and feature musical guest JASMINE CAIN and CBJ DEFENSEMAN JACK JOHNSON!
by Dan Orr posted Feb 7 2013 11:03AM
Can't wait for tomorrow's FRIDAY MORNING LIVE broadcast as we invite 10 more listeners into our studio to watch us do the show. Guests this week include rocker JASMINE CAIN (pictured) and CBJ DEFENSEMAN JACK JOHNSON. Thanks to all who phoned in for today's SHOUT IT OUT LOUD segement to voice their vote for which day we should have our ST. PADDY'S DAY BREAKFAST CLUB! So far Friday is the overwhelming favorite, but there's still time to give us your opinion! We'll have more WHO TICKETS tomorrow as well as EASYRIDERS PASSES and because it's LIVE NATION COMEDY WEEK we'll feature BRIAN REGAN
by Dan Orr posted Feb 7 2013 10:49AM
Can't wait for FRIDAY MORNING LIVE tomorrow as we welcome 10 more listeners into our studio to watch us do our show! This week's special guests are JASMINE CAIN (pictured) and CBJ DEFENSEMAN JACK JOHNSON! Thanks to all who took part in today's SHOUT IT OUT LOUD hour and voted for our St. Paddy's Day Breakfast Club to be on either Friday morning 3/15 or Sunday 3/17 noon to four. So far Friday is winning overwhelmingly but we're still taking your input! Tomorrow we'll have more WHO TICKETS when we play WHO ARE YOU, EASYRIDERS PASSES when we play EASY TRIVIA, and we'll feature BRIAN REGAN for LIVE NATION COMEDY WEEK!
by Dan Orr posted Feb 6 2013 10:27AM
Alrighty, Arch and Elliott listeners, we need you tomorrow to decide a VERY IMPORTANT issue. We'll take your vote starting at 9:00am whe we let you SHOUT IT OUT LOUD! Be sure to listen and call in with your shout/vote. We'll also chat with Sir Henry Furbisher in jolly England for our LONDON CALLING segment. Wanna see The Who at our birthday bash? Listen for us to announce your birthday Thursday morning! We'll also do another segment of EASY TRIVIA for EASY RIDERS passes, have GEORGE CLINTON tickets, and feature AMY SCHUMER for LIVE NATION COMEDY WEEK
by Dan Orr posted Feb 5 2013 12:00PM
Why are we showing this picture? Listen tomorrow to find out. Also, be listening for EASY TRIVIA to win passes to the EASYRIDERS show with your chance to meet RYAN HURST, ''OPIE'' FROM SONS OF ANARCHY!  This morning we didn't have a winner/match for our random birthday for WHO ARE YOU so be listening tomorrow to find out if we call YOUR birthday so that we can set you up with tickets to our 36TH BIRTHDAY BASH WITH THE WHO!!!  We'll also have George Clinton tickets, and you'll SHOUT IT OUT LOUD in the 9am hour!
by Dan Orr posted Feb 4 2013 10:28AM
SONS OF ANARCHY FANS- Wanna meet Ryan Hurst, OPIE from the show? Be listening tomorrow as we do another round of EASY TRIVIA for EASYRIDERS PASSES and your chance at the VIP PACKAGE that nets you a meet and greet with the actor! At 6:35 we'll announce another random birthdate, and if it's yours, you're joining us for our 36TH BIRTHDAY BASH FEATURING THE WHO at the Schott Feb 17th! It's LIVE NATION COMEDY WEEK and tomorrow's featured comic is LEWIS BLACK- be listening for your chance to see him....And, the hilarious JEFF ROSS of COMEDY CENTRAL'S THE BURN calls us at 9:40!
by Dan Orr posted Feb 1 2013 11:19AM
Thanks to everyone who made today's FRIDAY MORNING LIVE such a great time- TERRY DAVIDSON AND BLUES BOY MIKE, KEVIN LEE FROM BUDWEISER, NELSON'S CATERING, and our STUDIO AUDIENCE! If you want to join the party and come in for a future Friday Morning Live be sure to register at! Thanks also to SAM LUBECK OF STATS.COM for talking SUPER BOWL XLXXXQQRRIIIII (or whatever it is now) with us. Monday we're back with more WHO TICKETS, EASYRIDERS PASSES, and MARC MARON TICKETS as we kick off LIVE NATION COMEDY WEEK
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