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Posts from March 2013
by Dan Orr posted Mar 29 2013 11:12AM
Fun hanging with EKOOSTIK HOOKAH and our studio audience this morning for FRIDAY MORNING LIVE!  And thanks to EDDIE MONEY for calling us before the end of the show. Catch Eddie tomorrow night at Hollywood Casino, and hear both Eddie and Hookah's segments from today's show on our podcast page!  Monday we're back with KENT MERCKER to talk baseball's Opening Day, THE CAPTAIN RICK SMITH to go over how the Buckeyes did over the weekend, and some big announcements to share!
by Dan Orr posted Mar 27 2013 10:29AM
Great to hear from our PGA INSIDER PETE HURLBUT this morning, and DADDY WAGS with THE LAST WORD as well. Tomorrow NASCAR BUD will give us his take on the Stewart/Logano dustup at 7:35 and we'll talk to SWAMP PEOPLE'S TROY LANDRY at 9:00!  And, we'll have all the great ticket giveaways we're doing this week: FLEETWOOD MAC, EDDIE MONEY MEET AND GREET, AND PETER FRAMPTON/ROBERT CRAY!
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by Dan Orr posted Mar 25 2013 10:52AM
Great kick off to the week this morning- thanks to THE CAPTAIN, RICK SMITH, for his recap and preview of the Buckeyes in The Dance...Tomorrow we'll have more FLEETWOOD MAC TICKETS when we play DON'T STOP (How long can you hold a note?), more PETER FRAMPTON/ROBERT CRAY TICKETS when we play INITIAL REACTION, and more EDDIE MONEY TICKETS, DINNER VOUCHERS, AND MEET & GREET PASSES when we take your TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT calls during SHOUT IT OUT LOUD in the 9:00 hour! Got any great one night stand stories? Good/bad/nightmarish? Let us know! We'll also talk to ROADSIDE BASEBALL AUTHOR CHRIS EPTING at 8:35.
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by Dan Orr posted Mar 22 2013 10:54AM
Today's FRIDAY MORNING LIVE broadcast included female prison shower talk, manboobs, and a great performance by STEVIE CADE, and we also want to thank SONS OF ANARCHY'S KATEY SAGAL for calling in! If you want to join us on a future FML, make sure to sign up at QFM96.com.....Have a great weekend, hope your brackets hold up, and we'll be back Monday with PETER FRAMPTON and EDDIE MONEY TICKETS, and we'll talk March Madness with THE CAPTAIN, RICK SMITH!
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by Dan Orr posted Mar 19 2013 10:20AM
Thanks to BLACK CROWES DRUMMER STEVE GORMAN for being on the show today. Catch the Crowes on the road this summer and if you missed the interview find it on our podcast page. Tomorrow we'll talk to the still hilarious JOAN RIVERS and we'll get THE LAST WORD WITH DADDY WAGS.....More REO/STYX tickets and TODD RUNDGREN tickets up for grabs as well!
by Dan Orr posted Mar 18 2013 11:27AM
BLACK CROWES DRUMMER STEVE GORMAN calls us tomorrow at 8:45 am, and we'll have more tickets for you to see REO/STYX and TODD RUNDGREN!
by Dan Orr posted Mar 13 2013 11:00AM
Thanks to JUSTIFIED's JOELLE CARTER for being on the show today. Find out about her Columbus connection when you listen to the interview on our podcast page.....Tomorrow more STEVE MILLER, KID ROCK, and CBJ TICKETS, we'll have the new CLAPTON CD up for grabs when we play Initial Reaction, and at 7:35 we'll talk with NASCAR BUD!
by Dan Orr posted Mar 12 2013 10:49AM
JOELLE CARTER OF JUSTIFIED calls us tomorrow at 8:40, and we'll get THE LAST WORD WITH DADDY WAGS at 9:40.....More STEVE MILLER BAND and KID ROCK tickets up for grabs, and we'll play INITIAL REACTION for your chance at the new ERIC CLAPTON CD, ''OLD SOCK''
by Dan Orr posted Mar 11 2013 10:41AM
Thanks to THE CAPTAIN, RICK SMITH for checking in with us today following the Bucks' big win over Illinois. Bring on the Big Ten Tournament this weekend!!....All this week we're giving out CBJ tickets (when you hear the cannon), KID ROCK TICKETS (when we do 'Name That Kid Rocker"), STEVE MILLER TICKETS (when we find a "Joker" with a joke to share) and THE NEW ERIC CLAPTON CD, ''OLD SOCK" (when we play Initial Reaction)!
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by Dan Orr posted Mar 8 2013 11:59AM
Too much fun this morning for our FRIDAY MORNING LIVE show. TIM OWINGS rocked the house- hear him on our podcast and catch him tonight at PJ's Pub in Powell....Thanks to Kelly Bowman and all of our psychics from the GIFT OF LIGHT EXPO (Vets Memorial this weekend) for reading our studio audience and staff.....Monday we'll have KID ROCK TICKETS and THE NEW CLAPTON CD to give away, and we'll talk to THE CAPTAIN, RICK SMITH the day after the OSU/ILLINOIS regular season ender!
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by Dan Orr posted Mar 1 2013 11:22AM
Thanks to everyone involved with this morning's FRIDAY MORNING LIVE show-- our studio audience, Nelson's Catering, and this week's performers, ERICA BLINN AND PJ SCHREINER! Catch Erica and PJ tonight at PJ's Pub! Thanks also to world famous chef EMERIL LAGASSE for calling us- his new show, EMERIL'S FLORIDA is on The Cooking Channel Sundays at 10:30am. Join us Monday when we'll have your TICKETS FOR METALLICA, BON JOVI, THE CBJ, AND STEPHEN LYNCH!
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