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Posts from June 2013
by Dan Orr posted Jun 27 2013 10:52AM
This time we mean it: SKY WIRE WALKER NIK WALLENDA joins us tomorrow as we broadcast live from FROGGY'S AT INDIAN LAKE all morning for the TORG AND ELLIOTT INDIAN LAKE BREAKFAST CLUB!
by Dan Orr posted Jun 26 2013 10:52AM
HUGE show tomorrow as we have TIGHTROPE WALKER NIK WALLENDA calling us at 8:00....SWAMP PEOPLE'S TROY LANDRY and NASCAR BUD will both call us in the 9:00 hour, and we'll have all the great ticket giveaways as well!
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by Dan Orr posted Jun 25 2013 11:11AM
10TV'S KRISTYN HARTMAN joins us tomorrow, and it'll be Wednesday so we'll get THE LAST WORD WITH DADDY WAGS, plus more chances for you to win tickets to see CHEAP TRICK at the QFM96 BUDWEISER WING ZING, JEFF DUNHAM, and WORLD WAR Z
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by Dan Orr posted Jun 24 2013 11:07AM
CBJ forward JARED BOLL joins the show tomorrow, and we'll get another call from THE PREZ. We'll have more QFM96 BUDWEISER WING ZING TICKETS FEATURING CHEAP TRICK tickets, movie passes for WORLD WAR Z, and tickets to see JEFF DUNHAM at the Fair
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by Dan Orr posted Jun 20 2013 11:15AM
Tomorrow morning we'll crown our DOUCHER OF THE WEEK, as well as continue our fun and games with ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A MISS UTAH, THE FAST FIVE, PICK YOUR POISON, and you'll be listening for the FREE RIDE CUE TO CALL  for the Harley key anda song by GREGG ALLMAN OR THE ALLMAN BROS BAND to win tickets to see G.A. live at the Scioto Downs Racino!
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by Dan Orr posted Jun 19 2013 10:56AM
WWE LEGEND SHAWN MICHAELS calls the show tomorrow, as does NASCAR BUD, and we'll have all the great concert tickets of the week up for grabs. Plus....PICK YOUR POISON!
by Dan Orr posted Jun 18 2013 10:53AM
If you missed our conversation with THE PREZ, check it out on the podcast....Tomorrow we'll feature the daily FAST FIVE, talk the most you've ever paid for a concert or game ticket, and play ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A MISS UTAH?
by Dan Orr posted Jun 17 2013 10:49AM
Be listening tomorrow for us to play a GREGG ALLMAN or ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND song for your chance to see Gregg Allman at the Scioto Downs Racino!  We'll also play INITIAL REACTION for your tickets to the BUDWEISER WING ZING and STYX/REO TICKETS! And, at 7:35 we'll chat with THE PREZ.....
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by Dan Orr posted Jun 13 2013 10:54AM
If you missed the call with Liberace's (and allegedly Michael Jackson's) lover SCOTT THORSON, catch it on the podcast! Tomorrow we'll spotlight ALEC BALDWIN as our BAD DAD OF THE DAY for the FATHERS DAY PRIZE PACK, we'll talk the US OPEN with PETE HURLBUT, and we'll chat with COMEDIAN JEFF ALLEN.
by Dan Orr posted Jun 12 2013 11:24AM
Thanks to the Dispatch's AARON PORTZLINE for talking NHL Finals with us this morning, DADDY WAGS for giving us THE LAST WORD. Tomorrow it's Liberace's lover SCOTT THORSON and more chances for you to win the HARLEY FREE RIDE KEY, BUDWEISER WING ZING TICKETS, REO/STYX TICKETS, and another FATHERS DAY PRIZE PACK
by Dan Orr posted Jun 6 2013 10:42AM
JIM GAFFIGAN joins the show tomorrow for FRIDAY MORNING LIVE, and WATERSHED'S COLIN GAWEL will perform at 8:35!
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by Dan Orr posted Jun 5 2013 11:29AM
We were once again genuinely impressed with psychic KELLY BOWMAN this morning. Whether you believe in psychic ability or not, she's the best we've ever experienced. Hear some of her visit on the podcast. NASCAR BUD tomorrow, the FREE RIDE HARLEY key, and tickets for FRAMPTON, CHEAP TRICK, and THE KENTUCKY MOTOR SPEEDWAY!
by Dan Orr posted Jun 4 2013 11:11AM
HAPPY FOURTH OF JUNE!  Ok, it doesn't have the same ring as July, but happy Fourth of June anyway. We chatted with Fox Sports Ohio's JIM DAY about the Reds, and found out more disturbing facts about Torg. Speaking of disturbing, thanks for the calls regarding Naked Parent Horror Stories...Catch up on the podcast if you missed it. Tomorrow we'll have PSYCHIC KELLY BOWMAN in to read the morning show as well as listeners over the phone, and we'll tons of great giveaways, including Wing ZIng, Frampton, Kentucky Motor Speedway, and the Free Ride!
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by Dan Orr posted Jun 3 2013 10:41AM
Thanks to the lovely MONICA DAY for joining us for MEDIA MONDAY on the show, and congrats to all our prize winners this morning. Tomorrow it's more chances at the tickets for the Budweiser Wing ZIng, Frampton, and Kentucky Motor Speedway, as well as another opportunity to get a key that could start your FREE RIDE Harley!
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