July 5, 2015
7:17 pm

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Kristie Kemper

Kristie Kemper 1991 - Present

Kristie, a native of Dayton, OH has called the Qfm 96 Morning Show home since 1991. With the gift of gab at an early age, she's been doing radio since high school, received her degree in telecommunications at Ohio University and eventually landed her first professional radio job doing morning at WAZU, "The Big Wazoo," in Dayton. Hired as News Director for "The Wags and Elliott Show," Kristie has maintained her presence on the Morning Show through several incarnations, including the latest, "The Torg and Elliott Show." Kristie is married to local musician and business owner Jim Roseberry and has a daughter, Sam, who graduated from mom's alma mater in 2014. When she's not putting Torg and Elliott in their place and talking about her love of cats and boxed wine, she supports the local music scene with her husband, cooks for friends and family, and reminds listeners that you're never too old to rock 'n' roll. You can connect with Kristie at kristiekemper@qfm96.com, on Facebook and on Twitter, @KristieQfm96.
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