January 27, 2015
12:46 am

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Kristie Kemper

Name:  Kristie Kemper

Birthplace:  Centerville, Ohio

Before I Die:  To own a Harley, I had a chance once but decided buying a bar was a much better idea...I shoul dhave bought the damn bike.

Favorite Artists:  Led Zeppelin, The Faces, Stone Temple Pilots, U2, Seether, AC/DC, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Nirvana

Favorite Activities:  Getting together with friends and catching as much live music as possible. Including local bands such as Level 7, Ten Hour Daze, and Blu Kuda.

Most Important Peron In My Life:  My 21 year old daughter Sam. She continues to amaze and inspire me. She's attending my Alma Mater, Ohio University. So glad I could hand down the "Rules of deinking at OU".

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