September 2, 2014
10:13 pm

Get Social
Well, kinda.
This conversation is not for the lactose intolerant.
Sue can talk some smack but can she beat Torg in a chicken wing eating contest to benefit Easter Seals?
The Rangers hurler hurled some nasty tweets over the weekend, and we got him on the phone to see what's up....
The Fonz tells us about the prospects of another season of Arrested Development, his movies with Adam Sandler, and whether or not it's ok that Torg got a facial.
The Motor City Madman shared his thoughts on our nation's government, his hometown of Detroit, and about 500 other things.
The Styx original talks Dennis DeYoung, and why it's still fun to play their tunes live.
Kinda like books on tape....only creepier.
Leave it to Kristie to share all....
70 year old Geraldo Rivera and NYC mayoral candidate both grossed us out...again. Dan lived to sing about it.
Our UK corresepondent gives us an update on Will and Kate's new offering!
You don't wanna know....
The ABC Good Day Columbus cohost shared with us her brief experience as an actress, and what celeb looks like My Little Pony...
He walked across the Grand Canyon on a two inch wide rope....just as a warmup act to his bravest act yet--appearing on our show!
Which member of our morning show is ok with dying in 18 years in exchange for 10 million dollars? Listen up.
Start your engines!
I do. Again.
The CBJ forward answered rapid fire questions from Torg about his Jacket teammates
Hail to the chief!
Survey SEZ!.........
Kristie gave us the lowdown on gettin' down.....
See if your tastes compare.....
Our chat with the Executive in Chief revealed more than we wanted to know about Oprah...
The guy who's behind the hit HBO film "Behind the Candelabra" joined us along with his pal Dennis Hof of the Bunny Ranch (and also HBO's famed "Cathouse")
Dan got out his guitar for the outgoing OSU prez.
OoooooooEEEEEEEEEoooooooo... She's good!
Close the door, junior!
Just gonna let the title say it all.
The weekly racing report from our man Bud....!
The band entertained our Friday Morning Live studio audience with a Stones classic.
The (now former) play by play man for the Blue Jackets took time to call us just 2 days after announcing that he is stepping awayffrom the booth.
Think we're just gonna ask about tennis when it comes to an interview with Jimmy Connors? Wrong. Strippers, too.
Our weekly racing update from Bud!
The comedian and star of SNL and WEEDS tells us about his comedy special and upcoming Columbus visit
In light of the potential lowering of the legal alcohol limit, Officer Mike Smith tested Torg, Jerry, and Kristie after enjoying 4 Bud Lights.
One of the original MTV VJ's on what it's like to be a part of pop culture history, and she also gives her two cents the state of MTV and videos today.
Kristie informs us of where we're doin' the HOUSE...
Larry called us to share the latest with Grandma, and to talk about the premiere of Season 3 of ONLY IN AMERICA on The History Channel.
The singer and guitarist of the band Feedback played Meredith Brooks' "Bitch" before our Friday Morning Live studio audience!
Our weekly update from our voice of NASCAR!
The former Eagle talks about what we can expect when he hits the LC stage on May 10th, and also who his most famous guitar student was.
What makes a FRIDAY MORNING LIVE show even more partyin'? A call from the porn legend.
We don't think this one needs any more set up than that....
The two blues musician tore it up for our Friday Morning Live audience with the classic Canned Heat tune "Let's Stay Together."
Scott "Torg" Torgerson returned to Columbus airwaves on our show this morning to catch us up on where he's been and where he's going (or should we say coming)?
Still going strong with Crosby Stills and Nash and other endeavors, the 2 time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer called our show to talk about his new 4 CD anthology.
Columbus IS funny and LAURA SANDERS proved it live from the Arch and Elliott Comedy Club!
The Lovemaster himself is back with his stand up special, "Daditude," and here he recalls the good ol' days with our own Jerry Elliott....
The guys perform "Chardonnay, Cabernet, Corona and Tequila" before our Friday Morning Live studio audience
Carolla tells us what it's like having a completely non supportive family, and watching football with Tom Cruise...
Some fines handed down, and looking ahead to Kansas....
With 4/20 approaching, who better to have on the show than this legendary duo?
Sounds like a joke, but this is a real commercial for K Mart....
The Stones are about to embark on their 50 AND COUNTING tour, and Dan spoke with their longtime keyboardist and musical director about keeping the peace between rock icons, and composing their concert setlists.
Bert really is a cool, friendly guy. Always like having him on. In this call he talks about, among other things, his show "Trip Flip" on Travel Channel
The larger than life comic and TV diver checked in with us during Friday Morning Live
Mel, one of our Friday Morning Live audience members made a surprise phone call to his girlfriend, Karen, to ....eventually....pop the question.
Joe and Victor from HPR perform "Believe" for our Friday Morning Live audience
Deb and Colin, along with drummer Jan Roll, performed this one for our Friday Morning Live audience.
Unearthed audio has revealed that the late Doors singer was proud of being fat, and inspired Dan Orr to get his guitar out.
During our SHOUT IT OUT LOUD hour all this week, we've been offering up WEIRD AL YANKOVIC tickets for your best parody song ideas. Here are a few doozies....
The drumming great (and son of drumming great) called us to tell us why he created the Led Zeppelin Experience and what we can expect when the band tours with Heart this summer.
Jerry reads a letter from the morning paper, Dan gets out his guitar, everyone sings along......
The Moneyman joined our FRIDAY MORNING LIVE broadcast to talk about his Columbus ties and his show in town this weekend.
The guys played a great new tune, "Testify," from their upcoming CD for our FRIDAY MORNING LIVE studio audience.
Thanks to a caller's tip, we found some bizarre video of an emergency visit to the car wash.....
For our daily SHOUT IT OUT LOUD HOUR, we took best/worst ''one night stand'' calls and called it TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT for your chance at Eddie Money meet and greet passes at his show this Saturday night at Hollywood Casino!
What happens when a fighter in an MMA match has a last name that is pronounced "my anus"? Hilarity ensues, that's what!
All this week we're pitting two callers against each other to see who can go the longest holding a note without stopping. The winners goes to Fleetwood Mac....Here's our first showdown!
A Dan Orr Project tune performed by request for Robert, one of our Friday Morning Live studio audience members.
Amy, a member of our Friday Morning Live studio audience, spent four years in prison. Naturally, we asked the important questions.....
Singer/songwiter/guitarist Stevie Cade performed his autobiographical tune for our Friday Morning Live studio audience.
Steve will be hitting the road with the band again soon, and took time out to talk music, sports, and the combinaton thereof.....!
The DOP, joined by bagpiper Jeff Linn, additional guitarist Isaac Watts, and regular AC/DC vocalist John McGill performed this rock classic live at the St. Paddy's Day Breakfast Club at Average Joe's
You know her as Ava Crowder on NBC's JUSTIFIED, and Wednesday morning she shared with us her Columbus connection!
The One Man Band entertained our studio audience with some amazing harmonica work!
Erica and PJ debuted a great tune from their upcoming CD for our Friday Morning Live studio audience.
TV's favorie chef! Not counting The Muppets' Swedish Chef, of course.....
Ladies and gentlemen.....We give you the Bob Dylan of our time.....
This week's FML band, KNIGHTS MOUNTAIN, rocked our studio audience with Blackfoot's 'Train Train'!
He may have yet to score with the ladies, but FML studio audience member BRAD knows how to sink THIS....
The ladies of Columbus Gold compete in the banana portion of the contest....
Our ladies from Columbus Gold compete in the relay leg of the competition....
Jerry and Kristie are both big fans of The Walking Dead, but Kristie seems to be the bigger Norman fan......
John's take on KFC, cruises, and more...!
Yes, they pay us for this.
He'll ba at The Palace Theatre Thursday Feb 28--we called our favorite grump early this morning.
The veteran comic and podcast king called us on his drive to the LA airport this morning.
Breath hard and push. Harder.
Turns out, after farmers, DJing is the second most important job, according to God.
Jerry shared with our FRIDAY MORNING LIVE studio audience what to be aware of this Sunday when it comes to Super Bowl parties....
Terry and Mike jammed "Rat Rod" for our in studio audience on Friday Morning LIve!
A Muddy Water classic from The Gears for our FRIDAY MORNING LIVE broadcast!
This is how we lost Jerry Tuesday mornng.
Careful- That'll kill ya. Plus, Jerry can't put down the catalogue from adult store The Garden.
The 60 Minutes interview that you saw with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? Not the whole story. Listen up.
Our first ever Friday Morning Live broadcast was a blast, thanks to our winners in the studio audience, and a performance by John Schwab and Kevin Reed of McGuffey Lane. (And a special warmup song by Brett, one of the winners...!)
Wanna know what the Reds legend and hit king is up to? Watch his new reality show, or just listen to Arch and Elliott...!
The hit king catches us up on his Big Red Machine teammates, and Dan's song pleads for his entrance in the Baseball Hall of Fame
One of the sharpest minds in comedy today called us to talk about his Comedy Central special and to brag that Amy Schumer is his girlfirend
Should make for one of the better Confessions this Sunday....
Bend over, Arch....!
After lots of time off from baseball due to injury, we find a (slightly manipulated) audio cut from Derek Jeter as to what he's been up to lately...
Jerry Elliott: Jingle Performer? No....
The multitalented media start lowered her standards long enough to join our show!
Hey, pool rafts are simply distant cousins to blow up dolls, right?!?
Our fave Columbus girl talks about the 30th anniversary of National Lampoon's Vacation and prison love.....
Should Jernac be allowed back on our show, despite Sue Leighton's demands that he just go away?
Do you think babysitters snoop around your home and invite boyfriends over?
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