September 20, 2014
8:02 pm

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Nikii originally got into broadcasting with dreams of becoming a TVanchor, only to fall in love with the radio field. After finishing her studies, she relocated to New York where she would do her first morning show working with a top 40 music format.   Although she loved the morning show and New York, there was nothing like Pop music to convince her that her heart belonged to Rock.  Nikii moved back to CBus, in a symbolic journey, knowing the further she moved from Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Brittney Spears, the better off she would be.

Age: Haaa RIGHHHHHHT Well. That AINT happening. A wise man once said you’re only as old as you feel although this isn’t comforting because I do have days I wake up feeling about 89.
Favorite color: The world would be a much better place with more Pink and Black.
Vices: “I can’t live without Big sunglasses. Chapstick and Coffee. Seriously, I wouldn’t approach me until that cup has been empty at least once. Good thing I have arranged my life so that I’m not in contact with anyone till after that.”
Fear:  Feel of cardboard…paper cuts and Fish… Yes like fish tanks. .I know; I’ll probably end up on an Oprah Phobia special!
Free Time: I love being at home with my wonderful daughterNadia, painting or doing something local.  Columbus has such a great local scene!!!
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Location : ColumbusNew York
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